As fuel prices drop and the economy recovers, the aviation market is heating up once again. Perhaps you’re looking to make an investment while looking for a way to take your business team around North America when meetings beckon. Once you decide to purchase one of many private jets for sale, it’s worth it to shop around and do your homework before you make the purchase. If you’re interested in buying the latest and greatest, it make sense to wait for newer business jet models to hit the market.


It’s important to consider qualities like operating costs and fuel efficiency, but comfort and class tends to trump everything else when it comes to business jets. While you may not know everything there is to know about Cessna’s or Bombardier’s for sale, we’ve highlighted the 3 best upcoming models. Trust us, these high-class jets are worth the wait


Bombardier Global 8000

Bombardier aviation has seen a broad range of success in both the commercial and business aviation industry with jets such as the Global Express that launched in the 1990s. Bombardier’s Global fleet of jets offers comfort, style and class and the Global 8000 tops the list of aircrafts in this class range.

Set to be released in 2018, the Global 8000 is the next best thing on the market for business Bombardiers for sale. Offering a range of 7,900 nautical miles, the world’s farthest-reaching business jet is ideal for people who want to fly long distances and will have the freedom to do so non-stop with this jet. Travel from Australia to California without ever having to stop and refuel.

The Global 8000 will feature full fly-by-wire flight controls, a new high-speed wing and most importantly, a fuel-efficient GE Passport engine. While range and fuel-efficiency are important considerations when purchasing a jet, the Global 8000 doesn’t fall short when it comes to cabin comfort. With room for up to 13 passengers and 4 crew members, the aircraft’s hyper-quiet cabin is divided into three or four-zone layouts and a galley that is 20% larger than the Global 6000.

While the amenities passengers get to enjoy in the cabin are endless, even the flight deck offers pilots the most spacious and user-friendly systems on the market. Fully-equipped with the latest touchscreens and safety features, the Global Vision flight deck is a pilot’s dream come true for situational awareness, even in the worst weather

Gulfstream G500


Gulfstream is known for their commitment to improving the customer experience by conducting specialized research before releasing an aircraft. With the help of the Advanced Technical Customer Advisory Team, the manufacturer conducts polls to see how improvements can be made to their aircrafts based on their customer’s need and comfort. Now, they’re back again with the Gulfstream G500.

With this aircraft, Gulfstream aims to raise the bar higher by equipping all the desirable qualities of its competitor jets and combining them into one fantastic flying work of art. While the G500 isn’t meant to hit the market until 2018, the jet has incorporated some of the finest advancements in both aerodynamics and avionics by balancing speed, maneuverability, and passenger comfort.

After the success of the G450, the G500 is designed with a twin-engine business jet and offers a much higher range than the aircraft it is replacing. With a 5,000 nautical mile range, it has a pairing of over 40 cities you can travel to and from, coast-to-coast. Fly from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Madrid, Spain or Los Angeles to London in no time at a speed of Mach 0.925.

With a roomy cabin space that seats 8 passengers, the wide seats feature an articulating footrest for comfortable reclining. The cabin is also fully-equipped with high-speed communication and entertainment equipment for your guests to enjoy while aboard.

The flight deck leverages the highest advanced system integration with the Intelligence-by-Wire which incorporates flight controls, autopilot, autothrottle and auto-braking for the smoothest flights possible


Cessna Citation Hemisphere

Since Cessna’s production of their first business jet, the Cessna Citation I in 1969, the American manufacturing company has come a long way. After the success of the Cessna 350 and 400, they’re back with another business jet set to be released in 2019.

If you’re looking for a Cessna for sale, it might be a safe bet to wait on the Cessna Citation Hemisphere. “Finally, a Citation that can take you more than 4000 nautical miles,” is the pitch for this aircraft, which will take you an extra 500 nautical miles than the previous model.

Textron Aviation unveiled the production of their most recent aircraft at the 2015 National Business Aviation Association Conference, excited to reveal that the aircraft will offer passengers a larger cabin. Not only did Cessna want to increase their jet range, but based on customer feedback, they decided to increase the cabin size in order to ensure that customers will be as comfortable as can be on longer flights.

The multi-zone cabin is 102 inches wide — larger than the Gulfstream G650 and Gulfstream 650ER. With this model, Textron Aviation welcomed customer feedback and said that was their main focus for this aircraft; giving customers what they want from a business jet in this category.

They didn’t forget about the pilots either and promise that the cockpit has been optimized for accessibility, comfort and the latest touch screen technology and advanced vertical navigation capabilities.

If you’re interested in adding a new aircraft to your fleet or have simply been searching for a Bombardier for sale, these three business jets are well worth the wait. Flightpath offers our clients assistance every step of the way from the purchasing questions to the actual maintenance of your business jets after your purchase. Our travel experts prioritize not only your comfort and convenience when you travel with us, but have over a decade of experience maintaining a variety of aircrafts. If you’re looking to help make a decision on the various jets for sale, contact our experts for a consultation and we’ll help every step of the way.

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