Whether you are contemplating ownership of a private jet or simply making use of the services of a private charter, you will likely want to know a little bit about the best private planes that you can buy before you proceed with your purchase. Owning a private plane is a serious commitment that you will not want to be disappointed by. Undoubtedly, a combination of both the added luxury and time savings of flying private are the most compelling reasons to consider travelling in a small private plane rather than booking a flight on a large commercial airline. Flying in a private plane is very different from flying commercially, right down to the aircraft itself.  While there are many different types of small aircraft to consider, we specialize in the best corporate jets that we know will meet and exceed your personal jet needs.

Commercial travel is often accompanied by a very unwelcome travel companion – the time waster. Whether it is delays at the airport level, or delays caused by fellow travelers, there is simply no denying that a private plane is a much faster way to fly. With a lot of land to cover coast to coast, it is no surprise that North Americans take advantage of this “faster way to fly” more than anywhere else in the world. A 2013 study of the most traveled private jet routes revealed that seven out of the top 10 routes were flown either in or out of New York. Our best corporate jets will get you to New York, or any other North American city, in comfort and style!

While we have access to a variety of private jets for purchase, below is a selection of the private planes we use for our own charter flights! Much like a vehicle, we strongly recommend running a trip on a new plane before purchasing. Contact Flightpath to book a charter flight to ensure your plane of interest is a right fit for your needs.


The Phenom 100

Advanced engineering and power are the hallmarks of the best small private planes and this includes the Phenom 100. Multi-time winner of the Robb Report Magazine’s “Best of the Best Business Jet” award, this aircraft features leather seating, a large cabin for its class, extra baggage space and larger windows than many other charter planes. Designed for comfort and luxury with the added benefit of fuel economy and low carbon emissions.  A top VLJ (very light jet) aircraft, the Phenom 100 is fast, efficient, and attractive. Reclining seats with comfortable armrests make it easy to rest while travelling to your next important business destination.

Phenom 100 Specs Include:

  • Seating up to four passengers
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada PW600 Engine
  • 722 km/h cruise speed
  • Maximum range of 2,182 km
  • 41,000 ft ceiling
  • The Citation CJ3

Productivity, reliability and comfort make the Citation CJ3 a favourite of pilots and passengers. An aircraft that optimizes single-pilot operations with an upgraded Intrinzic TM flight deck powered by Garmin G3000TM, flying the Citation CJ3 is synonymous with getting to your destination promptly.

Citation CJ3 Specs Include

  • Seats up to nine passenger
  • Williams / Rolls-Royce FJ44-3A Engine
  • 834 km/h cruise speed
  • Maximum range of 2,408 km
  • 45,000 ft ceiling


The Phenom 300

Another “Best of the Best”, the Phenom 300 is a business jet that has become one of the most popular jets of its class with a steady stream of delivery requests keeping trusted Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, Embraer, very busy. Leather seats, a very spacious cabin, large windows and aircell for high-speed inflight internet access allow business to continue from the clouds if you are dealing with tight deadlines or important, time-sensitive business transactions. Like the Phenom 100, the Phenom 300 is also environmentally friendly boasting low carbon emissions among its many highlights.

Phenom 300 Specs Include

  • Seats six to seven passengers
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada PW500 Engine
  • 834 km/h cruise speed
  • Maximum range of 3,650 km
  • 45,000 ft ceiling


The Gulfstream G200

Reliable and comfortable, the Gulfstream G200 is a mid-size jet that can fly you from Toronto to Vancouver in six hours. An aircraft designed for the needs of a business traveler, the G200 seats seven passengers with room for three people to sleep in comfort. Whether preparing for a meeting in this spacious jet or simply relaxing and enjoying some down time, the oval shaped windows deliver the right amount of sunlight to curb any feelings of claustrophobia. Luxury seating and optimized connectivity for all of your business and entertainment needs, the Gulfstream excels at making longer trips a breeze.


The Challenger 604

The Challenger 604 was designed by Bombardier with passenger comfort in mind. The aircraft’s body is wider than other jets at 8.2 feet, allowing ten passengers to enjoy a relaxing transcontinental flight. Unplug from your computer, stretch out and enjoy the spacious Challenger 601 cabin or stay connected and continue business from the air.  Flying coast-to-coast in almost any weather, is a comfortable non-stop journey in this aircraft. Long-range trips undoubtedly make this plane one of the best private planes on the market with excellent fuel-efficiency as an added benefit.

Challenger 604 Specs Include

  • Can seat up to nineteen passengers
  • General Electric CF34-3B Engine
  • 870 km/h cruise speed
  • Maximum range of 7,458 km
  • 41,000 ft ceiling


King Air 200

Known for it’s quality and reliability, the King Air 200 is a favourite among pilots and passengers alike. Whether you’re looking to take a short haul flight or are preparing for an international vacation, the King Air 200 is able to handle the trip without issue. With a Pratt & Whitney engine, you can feel confident that this a plane with the power and speed necessary to make your trip a smooth one.

King Air 200 Specs Include

  • Seats up to fifteen passengers
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42 Engine
  • 536 km/h cruise speed
  • Maximum range of 3,367 km
  • 35,000 ft ceiling


Selecting your best business jet

Making a final decision on a corporate jet can be difficult with so many excellent options. Due to increased hassles associated with commercial flights in North America, flying privately has proven to be a great alternative to large corporate airlines. The desire to avoid large airlines has led to an increase in private charter flights and the purchase of private planes. In the United States, approximately 60% of private jet traffic starts and ends proving that many business owners believe flying private is the better choice.

Whether you decide to purchase your own or charter a small private plane for your business, Flightpath has the expertise to help you select the best corporate jets and book the best private charter for your needs. Our experts are available to help make commuting for business an easy process. Let us introduce you to the best private planes available and save time on your next trip!

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