Cessna Conquest

The most spacious and dependable aircraft for your next journey.

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The Cessna Conquest is one of the top turbo-props that combines corporate with personal. Experience cabin comfort while providing durability and luxury. The Cessna Conquest offers comfortable 7 passenger seating across a four and a half feet wide cabin space.


If you are not sure which aircraft best suits your needs, we will take into consideration your reason for flying, the number of people and the distance you are travelling to pair you with the perfect aircraft for your travels. Contact us today.


1853 nm
Cruising Speed
358 mph
Cabin Height
Seating Capacity
6 passengers
Baggage Capacity
51 ft3
Cabin Amenities
Complimentary snacks and refreshments
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We are proudly Canadian with over eleven years in the business and a fast growing fleet.


Our team is amongst the industry’s finest. From our pilots to our service staff, to maintenance crews, dispatchers, and more.


We offer best in class safety to ensure complete piece of mind, for you and your precious cargo.


We provide dedicated, always on customer service and support. Our team is available to guide you through each travel touchpoint.

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