Efficient, first-class service makes all of the difference when travelling for business. In business, the old adage “time is money” truly applies.  A delayed or an uncomfortable trip can make a huge difference in your preparedness for an important meeting overseas, and everyone knows that when the stakes are high, you want to be refreshed and ready for anything that may come. Business travel, when done right, can actually make your work trip to the world’s most visited cities a hassle-free and pleasurable experience.

Many businesses have important relationships in locations that require air travel to get to. As more business owners find ways to expand into other regions and countries every day, the need for private charter service continues to grow. In one recent study it was reported that 83% of respondents spend some time during a business trip to explore the area they are visiting. While a business trip requires attentiveness to time management, this does not preclude having a good time in between meetings. Getting to the most visited cities in the world may also be a lot easier with a private charter flight, but enjoying a city on a tight timeline and knowing where to best spend that time is another story. To get the most out of your destination, you will want to know about the most noteworthy tourist locations in advance. Here is a list of the most visited and most touristic cities in the world to help you get the most out of your next business trip.


Most Visited Cities in Canada

Canada’s most visited cities are closely linked with the largest airports in the country. Travelling in Canada can be expensive, however the natural beauty and charm of the north delivers something for everyone year-round. It is not uncommon for family or a spouse to join on a business trip and in Canada there is always plenty for tourists to see and do.

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is the most visited city in Canada for business. The home of many corporate and banking headquarters, people fly in and out of the city daily for business purposes. While the largest airport lies outside of the metropolitan core, once you arrive in the city you will not require a car. Some attractions in Toronto many of the biggest concert venues (for example Air Canada Centre and Molson Amphitheatre), sports venues such as Rogers Centre, museums like the ROM, the live theatre district and famous CN Tower are all within walking distance of the city’s best hotels. With so much to see, it is no surprise that many businesspeople will bring a spouse or family member along for a business trip in Toronto.

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is another top Canadian destination, known to be very rich in culture and the arts. Montreal boasts an annual world-class jazz festival and thrives during the winter months as well as the summer with many winter activities and festivals to enjoy.  The bustling downtown streets are great for shopping and sampling delicious eats such as the world-famous smoked meat sandwiches served at Schwartz’s Deli. Need a laugh? The internationally renowned Just for Laughs festival takes place every year in July!

Calgary, Alberta

Picturesque does not even begin to describe Alberta. Calgary is a vibrant city in close proximity to breathtaking mountains, and some of the most stunning destination spots in the province such as Banff and Lake Louise. Home to the annual Calgary Stampede, many business meetings and important conferences are scheduled around it so that business tourists can partake in the grand festivities.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is a vibrant city with an impressive backdrop for any visitor to experience. Mountains, luscious green spaces, crystal lakes, meandering rivers, and the impressive sea are all sights to behold. Stanley Park is among the famous destinations in this west coast city, the Vancouver Aquarium and Capilano Suspension Bridge are also on the Vancouver must-see list.

Most Visited Cities Outside of Canada

Destinations in the United States

Travelling to the US for business is very common for Canadian travelers (and vice versa). In 2012, Canadian business travel increased by 12.3% during the first quarter from the previous year and has continued to grow since.  Fortunately, some of the most visited cities in the US are also top tourist destinations with a wide array of great attractions to take in.  From Broadway on the east coast to Las Vegas shows/casinos, Disney World in Orlando and Disneyland on the west coast, top US destinations include:

  • New York, New York
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • San Francisco, California

International Destinations

Travelling outside of North America to some of the world’s most visited cities will likely involve a much longer flight where travel comfort is essential. Rewarding experiences for tourists are among the highlights of many trips abroad and the most visited international destinations are known to deliver incredible experiences for all of your senses. Visually stunning landscapes, top-notch entertainment, fabulous culinary experiences and adventures for all tastes can be found while travelling abroad. Here are a few of the top business destinations outside of North America today.

  • London, England
  • Shanghai, China
  • Beijing, China
  • Singapore, Malaysia
  • Tokyo, Japan

Business trips overseas present opportunities to experience new leisure activities and create lasting memories. With so many businesses travelling to these international destinations it is no surprise that 78% of business travelers believe that adding some quality leisure time and activities to their trips will add significant value to how they feel about work assignments.

Mixing business and pleasure is always the best way to enjoy a working trip. A private charter service will help you get to your destination promptly, safe, relaxed and ready to enjoy your time away from home. Flightpath travel managers can help to book your next business trip. If you are planning a trip to one of the most visited cities in the world, please contact us to schedule a flight that will make your trip as enjoyable as it should be!

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