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Unlock the Extraordinary

Unmatched Advantages of Empty-Leg Flights

Join Flightpath and embark on a journey like no other.

Exceptional Luxury at Unbeatable Prices

Enjoy the exclusivity and comfort of a private flight without compromising your budget, as we redefine the possibilities of high-end travel.

Efficient, Luxurious Travel

Enjoy the flexibility of customized departure times, ensuring your travel aligns perfectly with your schedule.

Unparalleled Comfort and Convenience

Revel in the luxurious interiors of world-class private aircraft, designed to elevate your journey.

Experience Exclusive Luxury Travel Today

Elevate your travel experience with Flightpath’s exclusive offerings for discerning individuals

Luxury Interiors

Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury with our premium, plush seating arrangements. Each Empty Leg Flight is adorned with opulent chairs designed for maximum comfort, ensuring you travel in style and relaxation.

Professional Catering

Discover a world of flavour with our chef-driven fine dining program. Savour custom menu selections featuring innovative, refined dishes with the freshest ingredients to satisfy the most discerning tastes.

In-bound Client Service

Elevate your networking and business development capacity by bringing your client to you on a private charter, allowing them to meet your team and tour your facilities in-person.

Limited-Time Opportunity for Unbeatable Prices

Secure your empty leg flight today, and relish in the unbeatable prices that make luxury travel an immediate reality.

Flightpath's Commitment to Excellence

Luxury in Every Altitude

World-class Aircraft Await

Embark on a journey beyond expectations as you explore the skies in our world-class aircraft fleet.

  • Turbo Prop Jet (King Air 200, PC-12)
  • Light Jet (Phenom 100, Phenom 300, Citation CJ3)
  • Mid-Size Jet (Learjet 45, Learjet 70, Hawker 800, Challenger 300)
  • Heavy Jet (Challenger 604/605, Falcon 900, Gulfstream GIV)
  • Ultra Long Range (GLOBAL 5000, GLOBAL 6000, GLOBAL 7500)

Elevating Travel Experiences

The Flightpath Difference

Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and dedication to customer satisfaction set us apart in private aviation. Join us and redefine the way you soar through the skies.

  • Experienced Pilots: Our team of pilots boasts extensive experience, ensuring proficiency and precision in every flight.
  • Rigorous Safety Standards: Flightpath adheres to safety standards that surpass industry norms, providing an extra layer of protection for our passengers.
  • Secure and Worry-Free Travel: Every measure is taken to create an environment where your peace of mind is prioritized, offering you a secure and worry-free travel experience.

Why Book with Flightpath

Why Choose Flightpath for Empty Leg Flights?

Discover unparalleled excellence when you choose Flightpath for your empty leg flights. With a track record of success and a fleet of well-maintained aircraft, we guarantee a seamless and convenient travel experience.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner for those seeking more than just a flight – we offer a gateway to extraordinary journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions

An empty leg flight, also known as an empty leg charter, refers to the repositioning flight of a private jet when it is flying without passengers before or after a pre-scheduled charter flight.

When a private jet is chartered for a one-way trip, the return journey back to its home base or the next booked destination may be empty. To offset the costs of flying without passengers, we can offer these empty leg flights at a discounted rate.

You have many choices! When considering empty leg charters, several factors come into play.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind: Aircraft and Routing, Time of Year, Supply and Demand and Aircraft Positioning.

Working closely with one of our Charter Specialist will help you navigate the options and find the most suitable empty leg flights that meet your travel requirements.

If you have a flexible travel schedule, booking an Empty Leg Flight offers several advantages. One major benefit is the opportunity to experience the high-quality standards of business and private charter flights at a discounted rate. This means you can enjoy the comfort of a private flight with a smaller price tag.

Overall, taking advantage of an Empty Leg Flight provides a cost-effective way to enjoy the luxury, convenience, and flexibility of private aviation.

You can relish the abundant space provided by our aircraft. Whether you are traveling alone, with loved ones, or with business colleagues, with an Empty Leg Flight, you have the privilege of enjoying the entire cabin space exclusively for yourself and your companions.

Stretch out, relax, and make the most of the environment. Whether you need to work, have important discussions, or simply want to unwind, the cabin space allows for a comfortable and uninterrupted experience in the sky.

Empty Leg Flights at Unbeatable Prices

Ensure the best price on your private jet charter today and step into a world where luxury meets seamless travel.

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