The only people who may have been working harder than aircraft management trying to get people to the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix may have been the pit crews at the actual race. For some, the results were predictable, with top contenders running neck in neck for almost the entire race. For others, the end results were a bit of a surprise, considering some of the openings that were available and not taken.

Neck in Neck Until the End

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg kept onlookers on the edge of their seats with a constant battle for the lead. When Hamilton did leave Rosberg an opening to take the lead, Rosberg missed filling the gap in turn one. That’s a video clip the race team can expect to review repeatedly in an effort to change things up in the next race.

Ferrari Spin-Out

Volterri Bottas took third place, but it wasn’t easy. He had a spin-out on lap 28 to thank for taking third place instead of fourth. That particular instance occurred just after Raikkonen took his Ferrari for his first pit stop, so you can just imagine the whole crew tallying up the seconds that were lost between the pit stop and the spin out. In any case, Raikkonen slid back to the fourth spot for the finish.

The fact that this is the fourth win Hamilton has taken from the Canadian Grand Prix doesn’t take away from the fact that he had to work to get it. Rosberg may not have filled the gap Hamilton temporarily left, but you can bet Hamilton’s team will be reviewing that as well. Is it worth it to rent a private jet to get to the next Formula One? Only if you love on-the-edge-of-your-seat action.

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