Airport in Halifax – Experience Halifax with a Private Jet Charter

If your business takes you to Nova Scotia, Flightpath has private charter flights to Halifax. Our private flights to Halifax land at Halifax Stanfield International Airport. The airport is conveniently located, just a 30 minute drive outside downtown Halifax. There is a Hilton Hotel located minutes away from the airport if you’re looking for a break from business during your time in Halifax.

Travel to Halifax – Book Your Chartered Experience Today

Flightpath charter flights can take you to the business center of Nova Scotia. Halifax is Atlantic Canada’s favorite city to host business meetings and conventions. The port city is nearly a 2 hour flight from major cities including Montreal, New York, Ottawa and just a 6 hour flight from the UK so it is conveniently located for international meeting point and conventions.

The hilltop Citadel, a fort built in the 1850’s, dominates Halifax and the city has old heritage. The waterfront is a hub for restaurants and entertainment and has many historic properties since the area is a trading hub.

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