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Located close to the geographical heart of Florida, Orlando International Airport is the disembarkation point of choice for some of the greatest treasures the state has to offer. Situated a mere 10km away from the city, it provides easy access to outstanding tourist destinations such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida. As well, it’s a short drive away to the Atlantic Ocean, with fantastic beaches and Cape Canaveral all within reach. With a host of family-friendly attractions, visitors to Florida shouldn’t miss the chance to visit this vibrant and exciting city.

Nestled on the Gulf of Mexico coast you’ll find the twin cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg. Both offer excellent, full-featured airports that serve as gateways to all the majesty that the Gulf Coast has to offer. Enjoy numerous water sports such as boating, fishing, and scuba diving. Or, rent a villa with stunning views of the water. From stunning, pristine beaches to family-friendly destinations such as Busch Gardens, Tampa – St. Petersburg has everything a vacationer from Canada could want.

The Atlantic Coast boasts some of the best beaches in the world, and there’s no better way to experience it than by flying into West Palm Beach International Airport. One of the larger cities in South Florida, West Palm Beach boasts an eclectic mix of historical charm and modern elegance. Music and arts festivals rule the day, and no visit to Florida would be complete without a chance to experience its charm.

Of course, Miami International Airport is the doorway to some of the richest culture, nightlife and decor that North America has to offer. Situated 8km north of the city, it’s the main gateway to the City of Miami. With its stunning Latino-inspired culture, exquisite shopping, and neon-infused art-deco style, Miami is a beacon for vacationers everywhere. It’s the jumping off point to the Florida Keys, with their own mix of scenic beauty and laid-back way of life. Music and an energetic vibe exist alongside beautiful beaches and pristine vistas to make Miami the ideal spot for a spectacular vacation getaway.

For an inspiring trip to Southwest Florida, Fort Myers International Airport is waiting for your arrival. This picturesque town offers some of the most postcard-worthy beaches on the planet and invites visitors to take advantage of all manner of marine activities. Sailing and fishing to scuba diving, windsurfing and parasailing are all on offer. Or, more sedentary affairs such as experiencing fine restaurants and boutiques await. Any way you look at it, Fort Myers is an incredible vacation destination for the entire family.

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