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Commercial flights can ruin your day. The need to arrive several hours early and endure ever-growing security checkpoints to simply “hurry up and wait” can be one of the most frustrating and stressful aspects of travel.

When you’re travelling with Flightpath, you’re able to avoid the unnecessary loss of an entire day at the airport.

Furthermore, when you arrive at your new destination your time is truly your own, rather than spent waiting in even longer lines to retrieve luggage and clear customs. At many locations, you’re able to be dropped off and picked up at the airplane steps – you may never need to set foot in any airport building at all!

Take a Look at Our Featured Locations in North America

Once you’ve experienced the unmatched convenience of flying from a private terminal on a Flightpath aircraft, you’ll never be able to go back to flying commercial. Arrive feeling relaxed and refreshed - contact one of our representatives to arrange your trip to any destination, or choose one of our featured locations across North America


Whether you would like to travel straight to Downtown Toronto or anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, Flightpath can take you anywhere across this vibrant city. Featured in Lonely Planet’s Best Cities to visit in 2015, Toronto is a growing city full of potential. With some of the best restaurants and bars in North America, this city offers visitors a variety of different cuisines and cultural experiences. Let’s not forget the city’s energetic nightlife.


If you’ve got business in the tech bubble of Canada, Flightpath can get you there. Known as the capital of Toronto’s Technology Triangle, Waterloo has a strong knowledge and service based community. Waterloo is known for it’s contribution to economic development in technology industry and is home to hundreds of high-tech firms including Google and Blackberry.


Utilize Flightpath’s charter flights to Oshawa for business in the automobile capital of Canada. The City of Oshawa, located in Southern Ontario on the Lake Ontario shoreline, is the home of General Motors Canada. Oshawa tops the charts and is ranked first in the Top 10 Small North American Cities of the Future for 2015 and is a great place for investments.

New York

The city of lights has been a hub for business in the United States and Flightpath can take you there. Even if you just have a few days in this city, New York has a lot to offer. From Broadway to Times Square, this busy city will never fail to disappoint whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure


Halifax is Atlantic Canada’s favorite city to host business meetings and conventions. The port city is nearly a 2 hour flight from major cities including Montreal, New York, Ottawa and just a 6 hour flight from the UK so it is conveniently located for international meeting point and conventions.


The main airport in Montreal is Montreal-Pierre Trudeau International Airport, just minutes away from downtown Montreal by cab. Located on the island of Montreal, the airport is under a 20 minute drive to the city center.


If business calls out west, Flightpath’s charter flights to Vancouver will get you there. Vancouver International Airport airport is 15 kilometers away from downtown making it just a 25 minute cab ride away. Whether you are traveling on a private flight to Vancouver for business or vacation, the airport is easily accessible to multiple cities in the area.


Let Flightpath’s first-class private charters take you to the capital of the United States of America. If you need to take a business trip in Washington DC, Flightpath’s charter flights can get you there. The airport base for our charter flights to Washington is Dulles International Airport, which is a 40 minute drive to Washington D.C.


Located close to the geographical heart of Florida, Orlando International Airport is the disembarkation point of choice for some of the greatest treasures the state has to offer. Situated a mere 10km away from the city, it provides easy access to outstanding tourist destinations such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida.


Calgary is popular for it’s reputation as the Texas of Canada and has earned the nickname Cowtown. This is largely due to the Calgary Stampede, a rodeo and festival in the summer that attracts people from not only all over Canada, but the world.


Chicago is located on the southwestern bay of Lake Michigan and is one of the largest cities in the United States of America. With over 40 million visitors per year, Chicago attracts people for businesses, leisure and sports. The city has some of the most unique architecture in the United States and is home to the Sears Tower, a 1,450 foot tower, the largest building in North America and the 3rd largest in the World.


If business calls in Quebec, Flightpath’s charter flights to Quebec will take you to Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport. The airport is a short 25 minute drive away from Quebec City’s city center and is in a few hours driving distance from Montreal.

Las Vegas

With Flightpath’s charter flights to Vegas, arrive at the entertaining McCarran International Airport. The airport welcomes you into this casino city with 1,200 slot machines right at the airport. A short 10 minute drive away from the Las Vegas Strip, this airport sets the ambiance for your time in Las Vegas.


Flightpath’s charter flights to Winnipeg touch base at the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. The airport is a convenient 15 minute cab ride to downtown Winnipeg and is a gateway to Manitoba.