June 21st, 2017

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July 4th, 2017
Whisk Away on a Private Plane Rental to these 3 Unique Spring Getaway Experiences

Although this may not have been the iciest winter North Americans have experienced, it may be time to break the monotony with charter flights from Toronto to free yourself from… Read More

Headed to the Rio Summer Olympics? Consider A Private Jet Rental to Get You There!

Diving, gymnastics, marathon running, tennis, volleyball, and a plethora of more sports are expected to bring over 50,000 people to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the 31st olympic games on… Read More

What You Should Know About the Cost of Buying and Operating a Private Jet

Private jet aircraft ownership offers unparalleled levels of flexibility, luxury and time management compared to travel by commercial means. As is the case with private jet charters, it affords the individual… Read More

An Introduction to our Best Private Planes

Whether you are contemplating ownership of a private jet or simply making use of the services of a private charter, you will likely want to know a little bit about… Read More

Business Travel – The Most Visited Cities in the World

Efficient, first-class service makes all of the difference when travelling for business. In business, the old adage “time is money” truly applies.  A delayed or an uncomfortable trip can make… Read More

Toronto charter flights – Muskoka travel without the hassle

Muskoka is undeniably a verdant cottage paradise – one that is just far enough from Toronto to make driving there somewhat onerous. The 400 northbound highway that delivers countless vacationers… Read More

Fly to a West Coast Wine Tours by Air Charter Service

Travelling with purpose is always exciting, travelling to drink wine in an idyllic location can be intoxicating. Whether you’re celebrating a girl’s weekend, or looking to stock your wine cellar… Read More