If you’re one of the lucky fans who has passes to attend the exclusive 2016 Masters in Augusta, you’re in for a treat. The Augusta National, one of the most famous golf clubs in the world, hosts the annual Masters tournament in the first week of April. This unique golf course opens its doors to golf legends, fans and invite-only attendees in just a few days.


The prestigious green jacket sported by each year’s winners is the most sought after by professional golfers. In accordance with its time honored traditions, the Master’s Champion is awarded the jacket for the year by the previous winner at a ceremony at the 18th hole. Arnold Palmer, Jack Nickolaus and Tiger Woods, just to name a few, have been awarded the green jacket in past tournaments.

With the event right around the corner, we’ve highlighted tips and traditions that will help you navigate the week, even though it’s probably not your first time at the Masters. Whether you’re wondering what airport is best for your private charter to land or trying to decide what you want to see apart from the buzzing practice rounds, we’ve got suggestions for you.

Fun fact: Tiger Woods is still the youngest winner of the tournament, and has won 4 times, the first time at age 21. Jack Nicklaus became the oldest player to win the tournament at 46 and has won the most Masters Tournament with 6 wins.

Getting to the tournament: What airports are most convenient to land a private charter?

If you’re looking to land a corporate charter flight close to the Masters in Augusta, there are a couple of airports that can accommodate you:

  1. Harman Airport: This private airport is located just 11 miles east of Augusta near Warrenville in South Carolina and welcomes private charter flights, as long as the flight has been approved to land or take-off.
  2. Pea Patch Aerodrome Airport: This private airport is located in Blythe, Georgia, just 15 miles southwest of Augusta. Again, as long as corporate charter flights request permission to take off or land, they are welcome at this single-runway airport.
  3. Daniel Field Airport: This municipal airport is located in Augusta, just a mile west of the city center. The airport hangers are home to 70 private charter aircrafts.
  4. Augusta Regional Airport: This airport is the only commercial airport and is located 7 miles southeast of the city center. Private charter flights can land at the regional airport, but during hectic times, including Masters week, it’s important to ensure your private charter company has secured an airport in advance.

If you’re looking for a last-minute private charter to get you to Augusta, Flightpath has private charter flights from Toronto and cities across Canada. We can secure an airport for you to land at conveniently close to Augusta. If the airports in the region cannot accommodate, Flightpath’s travel experts can find you the best travel solutions in time for the tournament.

Once you’ve arrived in Augusta, the tournament ground will be a bustling sight. There are many traditions associated with this tournament and the Augusta National greens, so we’re providing some assistance for you while you’re in the Garden City.

Fun fact: ‘The big oak tree’ on the golf course side of the Clubhouse is about 145-150 years old. This live oak tree was planted in the 1850’s.

At the Tournament: What are some tips for Augusta National Golf Course?

Apart from the scenic views of the green, and of course watching the rounds themselves, there are a few locations that are a must see at this breath-taking golf course. We’ve rounded up some of the most selfie-worthy spots, tasty treats, and tips to keep your eye on your favourite golfer.

Take a picture at the massive white Master’s Score Board, it’s quite a sight!
Look at the back of the caddie’s shirts to find the golfers you’re looking for, as their shirts will have the name of the golfer they’re assisting printed on them.
Be sure to take a picture at the iconic flower bed at Founder’s Circle or Magnolia lane, which extends from the entrance of the gate to the club house. This 330-yard road dates to the 1850s and is the most famous road in golf history.
Try the Augusta National’s famous pimento-and-cheese sandwich.
Attend the 16th hole tournament. Although this tradition has very little to do with the tournament itself, it’s tied to the Par 3 Tournament that occurs on the par-3 16th hole. The hole is guarded by a large point between the green and the tee box and players attempt to skip golf balls across the pond. This is a treat for the crowd because the anticipation is palpable as players rarely manage to actually skip the golf balls. It does, however, happen once in a while — to great enjoyment.
Fun fact: The club was conceived by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts, while Jones and Alistair Mackenzie, Scottish designers, designed the course. Construction began in 1931 and the course partially opened in 1931. The formal opening wasn’t until January 1993.

Augusta lights up welcoming golf fans from around the world every first week of April. Between the heat, competition of the tournament, and the astonishing beauty of Magnolia lane, the time to travel to the course is during the tournament. Flightpath’s corporate charter flights can still get you there if you’re looking for a last-minute solution. Contact our travel team and we will ensure that you attend the most prestigious tournament in golf.

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