Most corporate VIPs who travel on charter flights will tell you that it’s the only way to travel. It’s a fortunate place to be when you can whiz right past security checks and customs onto a private runway. You’re familiar enough with your private charter management company and the staff know your entire business team because they’ve had hours to get to know you on the hundreds of hours you spend aboard private jets.


When you spend a considerable amount of time with the staff of your private jet management company and have earned a frequent flyer status, the thought of purchasing an aircraft may have crossed your mind. Considering aircrafts are an investment, when does it make sense to buy one?

The perks include selecting and customizing your own personal jet, with the help of your trusted air charter company. More importantly, you enjoy the luxury and convenience of flying first-class aboard your own aircraft, which is not only according to your very own travel itinerary, but in line with your style and taste.

Owners of private aircrafts swear to their utility, especially those who use the jets for corporate travel. While the total hours you spent aboard a plane is the most common indicator, we’ve highlighted for you the 5 signs that you should buy a private plane


You spend less time on the ground, and more in the air:

Those frequent flyers who spend enough time on private planes know the rule of thumb is that if you fly a certain number of hours, usually 250-300 hours a year, it may be time to get your own private jet because it is an investment that can benefit by saving you time.

In terms of costs spent on hiring private charters, which on average is $5,000-$7,000 per hour depending on the aircraft, it makes sense for frequent flyers who want the convenience.

While you may be paying more than first-class commercial flights, those who fly on private planes get accustomed to the convenience and luxury that comes along with private charter flights. Once you enjoy the luxury of charter, you’ll never go back to commercial.

Similarly, if you fly frequently enough and don’t mind the cost of maintaining a private jet, you’re ready to make the investment


You enjoy the convenience of not waiting in line:

Not having to wait in long customs and security screening lines is cited as the number one convenience for those who fly charter. When you’re on a time crunch or have to get to a meeting, waiting in long lines is not how you want to be spending your valuable time.

While this is a convenience that charter flights bring, having your own aircraft means that not only do you leave the long lines behind, but also hop on board a plane with just a few hours notice. Your plane is ready to go if a last minute meeting beckons you or your team to a different city. Just let your aircraft management company know and they will start preparing for take-off


You value privacy and flexibility:

Whether you’re whisking your significant other away on a private plane for a surprise holiday in the Caribbean, or your business team is taking a trip to a meeting in New York City, taking charter flights on a personal aircraft allows you privacy and less limitations.

There are no limitations when it comes to your itinerary. If you need to take a direct flight for a business meeting for example, you’ll be able to fly with no stop overs, unless you need to stop to refuel, which can also be avoided depending on the private jet you purchase. There are jets on the market that can fly coast to coast without stopping over to refuel.

However, if your travel plans requires that you stop over in multiple cities to pick up family members or business partners on your way to a final destination, owning your own aircraft is the only option that allows you the maximum flexibility in terms of your schedule and itinerary.

You can travel where you want, when you want, and having your own aircraft means you’ll need to call just a few hours before you have to fly out. Did we forget to mention that there is no limitation as to how much baggage you bring on board and no suitcase weight limitations either


You want everything customized:


While aboard Donald Trump’s private Boeing 757 carries 24-carat gold-plated features including seat recline buttons, safety belt hardware, power outlet covers, faucet handles and sink basins, you can personalize your private plane with your customized features that suit your travel requirements.

Whether it’s a comfortable bed aboard to rest on, a widescreen television or a conference room for your business team to work comfortably, if you’re someone who enjoys customizing everything, buying a private plane allows you to do just that.

From the seats you sit on to the food you eat, being aboard private charter flights on your own aircraft allows you the luxury of personalizing every aspect of your travel. A flight attendant or chef may not be part of your company’s rental package but if you have your own aircraft, you can hire an in-air chef that will make food according to your exact specifications.

They’ll know that food tastes different at 40,000 feet since the cabin pressure and high altitudes makes taste buds less receptive. Having customized service like an in-air chef means that they understand how the palate changes during a flight and they will know how to enhance flavours for your trip. Similarly, you’ll be able to hire your own stewards and airplane staff. This way, you can trust them to provide you personalized services aboard your private aircraft, according to your taste and standards


You value luxury and comfort over everything else:

It’s difficult to understand the comfort, convenience and luxury that owning your own private plane can bring until you take the plunge. Purchasing a private jet for personal or corporate use will cost upwards of $3 million, but if cost isn’t a concern and you’re looking for luxury like no other when you travel, you’re ready to take the plunge.

As Oprah puts it, “That is what makes me feel successful. It is really fantastic to have your own jet, and anybody who says it isn’t is lying to you. That jet thing is really good.”

If you’re ready to purchase your own private plane and enjoy the luxury of a private charter 24/7 365 days a year, contact our travel experts at Flightpath. Not only will we help you through every step of the buying process, but our aircraft management services will ensure that you have guidance and support after the purchase is made.

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