Aircraft Management

Hassle-free management for aircraft owners.

We’ll take care of everything. From housing your jet to providing the best onboard staff, taking care of physical, mechanical, and electronic components, and so much more.


Flightpath’s management offerings follow the same standard as our travel services, and seamlessly tie into them as well. It’s all about creating a hands-free experience for you. When we talk about our private flights we like to say that they allow our customers to travel on autopilot; our management services are no different.

The Benefits

We’ll save you money.

When you’re an aircraft owner who uses Flightpath for storage, management, and travel, you get the benefit of preferred pricing, plus seamless management and travel integration.


Safety is our highest priority. We make sure your aircraft is diagnostically checked and double-checked while stored and prior to travel, so that you can be relaxed and confident each time you hit the skies.


Your aircraft will always be ready to fly when you need it. Apart from constant testing and walkthroughs, we’ll do a preflight inspection to ensure you’ll never be waiting on us.

Value retention

We’ll keep it clean, maintained, and in tip-top shape so your aircraft retains its value.

Top Team

We only hire the finest staff and crew to deal with your aircraft. They are highly trained, take both your physical aircraft and financials incredibly seriously, and constantly work to avoid any risk on your end.

From Canada To The Rest Of The World.

We comply with all CTA requirements and work diligently so that when you fly with us you meet all standards of regulation for international flying as well.

Don’t Waste Your Time With Brokers.

We have the relationships and know-how to ensure that you pay a fair price for your new plane or jet. We understand these vessels inside and out and know when and where to haggle for the best value and price. You shouldn’t have to worry about that.

A Deal You Can Feel Confident About.

If you involve Flightpath in the brokerage of your new jet, we guarantee that you’ll walk away from a positive experience that will benefit your future travel plans for the better.

Confidentiality is of Vital Importance.

Whether you often fly with VIPs onboard or are just simply a private person, we do everything in our power to keep your interests intact.


We respect your privacy. Information about you, your guests, and your destination is only shared with a private flight specialist.

You conduct business the way you want to on both our charters and your own aircraft. Prying eyes won't ever get a glimpse of you, who you’re with, or what you’re doing.


Your information is always protected. We use secure servers to ensure that your payment information and data is encrypted and remains guarded.

Detailed Flight Operations.

Things will go smoothly. That’s our guarantee. When you fly with Flightpath we ensure that you experience something

A Top Notch Crew.

We only hire and work with the most highly trained pilots and crew members. They are directly attached to our service standard and we only accept those who are dedicated to it; displaying it every second they’re on the job.

We Substantially Minimize Risk.

Our staff and crew are here not only to make your flying experience the best you’ve ever had or ever will; they’re also here to make sure you’re experience is incredibly safe and incredibly secure. Risk management training and certification is an important part of everyone’s role here at Flightpath.

Finance Administration.

Privacy, accuracy, and timely business transactions drive the administration of your profile, management, ownership, and relationship with Flightpath. Although they may be in the sky, we pride ourselves on running an incredibly tight ship.


Browse the vast array of incredible destinations we travel to. Don't see the place you're looking for? Call us today and we'll do our very best to make arrangements for you.


Flightpath has multiple airports your private charter flights can take off from and land in Toronto. Travelling with Flightpath allows you the flexibility of landing at Toronto Pearson International Airport, Billy Bishop Airport or Buttonville Airport, depending on what your destination is. Fly in Flightpath’s turbo prop plane to Billy Bishop, an island airport just minutes away from downtown Toronto by cab. Arrive at or fly from Toronto Pearson International Airport, which is the city’s major international airport and just a 20 minute drive to the city.


Travel to and from southwestern Ontario with Flightpath’s charter flights to Waterloo. Our pickup location is the Region of Waterloo International Airport, which is easily accessible London, Kitchener Guelph and Cambridge. The airport is in the heart of Canada’s technology hub and has non-stop daily service to cities across North America.


Oshawa’s airport is just 61 kilometres away from Toronto and a short, 10 minute cab ride away from downtown Oshawa. Whether you are traveling to Oshawa Municipal Airport for business or to explore, the airport is easily accessible through multiple transport services.


Flightpath can take you to multiple airports when you take our private jets to New York. Fly to Teterboro Airport, just a 20 minute cab ride outside of midtown Manhattan, or to John F. Kennedy International Airport located in Queens. Depending on what your business is in the city, both airports are conveniently located. John F. Kennedy International Airport is a 40 minute cab ride away from the heart of the city, Manhattan. If you’re arriving in New York at a late hour, Flightpath can take you to Newark airport, where customs are 24-hours. This convenient location is in New Jersey but an easy commute to


If your business takes you to Nova Scotia, Flightpath has private charter flights to Halifax. Our private flights to Halifax land at Halifax Stanfield International Airport. The airport is conveniently located, just a 30 minute drive outside downtown Halifax. There is a Hilton Hotel located minutes away from the airport if you’re looking for a break from business during your time in Halifax.


Flightpath can take you directly to Canada’s cultural capital with our charter flights to Montreal. The main airport in Montreal is Montreal-Pierre Trudeau International Airport, just minutes away from downtown Montreal by cab. Located on the island of Montreal, the airport is a 20 minute drive to the city centre.


If business calls out west, Flightpath’s charter flights to Vancouver will get you there. Vancouver International Airport airport is 15 kilometres away from downtown making it just a 25 minute cab ride away. Whether you are traveling on a private flight to Vancouver for business or vacation, the airport is easily accessible to multiple cities in the area.


Let Flightpath’s first-class private charters take you to the capital of the United States of America. If you need to take a business trip to Washington DC, Flightpath’s charter flights can get you there. The airport base for our charter flights to Washington is Dulles International Airport, which is a 40 minute drive to Washington D.C. If you need to get to another airport in Washington, we can arrange for our aircraft to take you there, as long as the aircraft you are travelling in meets the runway requirement. If it makes sense for you to arrive closer to your meeting, we can take you to East West Virginia Airport or an alternative airport that suits your travel plans.


Florida has long been a popular vacation and weekend destination for Canadians, and for good reason. Warm climate, beautiful beaches, incredible nightlife and attractions the whole family will enjoy are part of what the Sunshine State has to offer. In fact, over 2.9 million Canadians travelled to Florida in the first half of 2015 alone, according to state figures. As a result, charter flights to Florida are becoming increasingly popular among Canadians for their convenience, comfort and flexibility.


Chicago is located on the southwestern bay of Lake Michigan and is one of the largest cities in the United States of America. With over 40 million visitors per year, Chicago attracts people for business, leisure and sports. The city has some of the most unique architecture in the United States and is home to the Sears Tower, a 1,450 foot tower, which is the largest building in North America, and the 3rd largest in the World.


If business calls in Quebec, Flightpath’s charter flights will take you to Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport. The airport is a short 25 minute drive away from Quebec City’s centre and only a few hours driving from Montreal.


With Flightpath’s charter flights to Vegas, arrive at the entertaining McCarran International Airport. The airport welcomes you into this casino city with 1,200 slot machines onsite. A short 10 minute drive away from the Las Vegas Strip, this airport sets the ambiance for your trip immediately.


Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba, is known as the Exchange District for its well-preserved 20th Century architecture and art galleries. The skyline of this Canadian city is unique and dominated by The Canadian Museum for Human Rights which has 11 powerful and inspiring exhibits. The region is the centre of the arts in the province and the Winnipeg Art Gallery is a must-see as it is home to the world’s largest contemporary Inuit art collection.