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Aircraft Acquisitions

Luxury Private Jets for Sale

Navigate the complex process of purchasing, upgrading or selling a private aircraft with support and counsel from a dedicated team of aviation experts with an established network.

Travel Without Compromise

Choose your aircraft with confidence

Purchasing a private jet is a significant investment. Flightpath’s team of agents makes it easy for you to choose from a fleet of luxury aircraft by advising you on the leading brands and models, providing insightful purchase planning, and guiding you through the process to ensure you’re getting the jet you want at the budget you’re comfortable with.

Type Selection

Understanding your needs

We execute comprehensive purchase planning including a detailed needs analysis, financial analysis and travel history review to help identify the right aircraft for you.

Market Research

Taking care of the details

We maintain strong relationships with leading aircraft vendors and have the expertise to liaise on your behalf to secure your aircraft at the best price possible. This includes researching the new and used aircraft market for type selected and requirements for registration and import, identifying a short list of aircraft for potential purchase, and arranging for a detailed appraisal of your selected aircraft.


Representing your interests

We support you through the acquisition process and handle the complex regulatory requirements to help make your experience effortless. This includes negotiating the aircraft purchase agreement, arranging and overseeing visual, records and pre-purchase inspections, recommending cosmetic upgrades and coordinating work, overseeing test and delivery flights, and supporting government registrations and certifications.

What to consider when choosing an aircraft

where you fly flightpath

Where you fly

Where you travel most often, the average distance of your trips, and where you’d like to be capable of going are key factors we look at when identifying the aircraft best suited to meet your travel needs.

why you fly flightpath

Why you fly

Whether you travel for business, leisure, or both, we’ll look at your use cases and recommend an aircraft with the features, amenities and capabilities to ensure you have access to everything you need.


Aircraft brands & models

We have access to a world-class, industry-leading fleet of jets. Our aviation experts will help you choose the right aircraft to fulfil and exceed your needs and expectations.

A Canadian aerospace and transportation company, Bombardier was founded by Joseph-Armand Bombardier in 1937. The company started off producing snowmobiles and eventually ventured out into the production of business jets and mass transportation equipment. Headquartered in Quebec, the aerospace company is the third largest aircraft manufacturer and also owns the Learjet and Challenger aircraft brands.

Flightpath can acquire a jet for you if you’re looking for Gulfstreams for sale. The company’s aerospace is based in Savannah, Georgia. The company started off with military aircraft production under the name of Grumman and was renamed Gulfstream in 1968. This was when they began producing business jets including the G200 and G450.

Embraer, a Brazilian aerospace manufacturing company, produces commercial, military, executive and agricultural aircraft. Buying an Embraer aircraft allows you to experience the class and comfort of purchasing a reliable business jet from one of the largest aircraft manufacturing companies in the world. Headquartered in São José dos Campos, the company was founded in 1969 by Ozires Silva.

With roots in the heart of Europe, Dassault Falcon was founded by French manufacturer Marcel Dassault in 1929. Based in France, the company started off producing military fighter jets and eventually began production of business jets in 1963. Since the company expanded to business aviation, they have delivered over 2,100 jets throughout over 80 countries.

In the aviation business since 1927, Cessna Aircraft Company is both founded and based out of America’s aviation capital, Wichita, Kansas. The company’s founder, Clyde Cessna, started off by making small piston and turboprop aircraft and eventually worked his way up to producing a variety of business jets.

Aircraft Sales & Upgrades

Considering selling
or upgrading your aircraft?

Our experienced team will meet with you and guide you through the process, including executing a custom assessment of your aircraft and leveraging our established network to identify potential buyer or trade opportunities and new aircraft options.

Aircraft Management

Your world-class investment deserves world-class care

We help make owning an aircraft easy. Our bespoke aircraft management programs offer industry-leading service, storage and support to help you protect your purchase and offset your costs.

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