Owning a private aircraft represents the kind of lifestyle you’ve worked hard—and smart—to achieve. Your small private jet or other aircraft may be primarily used for convenient business travel or luxury leisure travel. Perhaps you are an avid, civilian aviator. In any case, your aircraft requires appropriate storage and maintenance year-round, during inactive periods as well as periods of normal use, to preserve its long life and assure safety for you and your passengers.

Proper aircraft management requires rigorous attention to detail and knowledge of the best practices for storing and operating each type of plane. One solution to caring for and storing your private plane is to hire an air charter services company that offers this option. Firms that specialize in private charters are experts in maintenance for a variety of aircraft, and will often have hangar storage space. Unless you are a dedicated pilot in your own right, you can even consider farming out staffing and management services to them, including pilot hiring, training, and scheduling.

Whether you plan to maintain and store your aircraft on your own, or contract an air charter services firm to handle it for you, it is essential to know and understand how and where to store your plane in all types of climate and throughout the seasons.

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