Personal Jet Charters

Flightpath makes air travel luxurious.

At Flightpath we eliminate the worries and the typical airline delays that go along with getting away; in fact, we make it an incredibly elegant, and exciting experience.

Fly Private

In our eyes, the trip matters as much as the destination.

Every moment spent offline, away from the office, and with the people you want to spend time with is incredibly important. Don’t waste hours in public terminals, waiting for late flights, surrounded by hundreds of people. Choose a company that takes quality time seriously, has a track record of being flexible and professional, and offers benefits that take your interests, requests, and needs to heart. Fly privately with Flightpath.


Let Flightpath’s world-class concierge service point you in the right directions, make travel arrangements, and book any activities or excursions for you in advance.


Flightpath can get you a table and perfect time at the place you want to be, or we can recommend an excellent option that’s totally dependant on your tastes.

Pet Friendly

We do our very best to accommodate your unique pet, and we’ll ensure there’s a specific area for them, plus snacks, and things to keep them occupied and calm.


We don’t want your excellent travel experience to stop when we land; just let us know where you’d like to go or what you’d like to see and we’ll make it happen.

Vacation Charter Flights

Quality Time Flies With Flightpath.

You’re busy, so spending parts of your vacation on things other than quality time with friends and family seems a waste. When you choose Flightpath you erase those unnecessary moments, and begin your vacation the minute you board one of our jets.

Flexible Charters

Last minute changes? We can handle that.

We know that things don’t always go perfectly when you’re preparing to travel, so we’re always ready to shift and move along with your schedule.

Private Charter Benefits

Our benefits make all the difference.

From the moment you, your family, and your friends arrive at our terminal your vacation begins. The benefits of Flightpath are plenty.

No exhausting airport line

With personal charter flights, you’ll go through security, and board from a private terminal with absolutely no line in sight.

No Customs Check-ins

Don’t waste your time doing a customs check-ins. Agents at the private terminals we work with will be your first and only point of contact with customs.

No rush

If you’re late, we’ll wait.

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