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Empty Leg Flights

Exclusive Empty Leg Flights in Canada

Discover the unforgettable luxury of private air travel with discounted one-way charters on world-class private aircraft.

Travel Without Compromise

Your seat is waiting, so what are you waiting for?

When a private jet is booked for a one-way flight, it leaves an open one-way (empty leg) flight for other passengers to take advantage of at a discounted rate. The perfect option for last-minute trips or upgrading your travel plans.

Luxury For Less

Unforgettable luxury, unbeatable prices

Flying private offers an elegant, efficient and refined travel experience even first-class can’t match. Empty Leg Flights with Flightpath give you access to a private jet at a fraction of the cost, with personalized service, spacious cabins and no waiting in line. Enjoy luxury travel in the truest sense.


The Cabin Experience

Travel safely and efficiently

Our experienced team of aviation professionals is dedicated to upholding the highest level of safety standards, working directly with airport and government officials to ensure our guests enjoy a safe, seamless travel experience at our terminals and in the air.

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