Muskoka is undeniably a verdant cottage paradise – one that is just far enough from Toronto to make driving there somewhat onerous. The 400 northbound highway that delivers countless vacationers to the Muskoka area each season is often congested; the scenery along the route is certainly not impressive enough for a slow trek by car. Conversely, a private charter flight to the area avoids the aggravation of jockeying for position with thousands of other motorists; provides comfort from humidity and hot summer weather; and delivers a breathtaking view from the sky that reveals the many wonders of Ontario’s foremost cottage destination.


The travel time that can be saved by scheduling Toronto charter flights between Muskoka and the big city paired with relief from the aggravation of increasing congestion on the main route into the area, has become a compelling reason for cottage owners and vacation seekers to consider flying over driving. In addition to saving time, flying in to cottage country provides a birds-eye view of the region’s beautiful topography. Lakes, forests, the Canadian Shield and sprawling golf courses as far as the eye can see – provided that the eye in question is looking out of an airplane window, far away from the motorists trapped on the highway below.

To drive or to fly?

Driving to Muskoka can take hours and cause a lot of unnecessary frustration while trapping drivers in a tightly enclosed vehicle. Flying takes less than an hour and avoids the seemingly endless traffic jams and accidents that the 400 highway is notorious for. According to a recent article in The Toronto Star, flights to Muskoka are fast becoming a popular idea that may eventually lead to commercial air service in the area. Private charter flights are already readily available, and with the smooth landing of a fixed airport runway on land. Bumper-to-bumper traffic or a hassle-free flight? Flying to Muskoka is definitely the better way to travel and our private charter flights can be booked with very little advance notice to accommodate spontaneous trips or last minute changes to your plans.

Why vacation in Muskoka?

Muskoka is a premiere vacation spot in the province of Ontario. With more than 80 resorts, including historic B&B’s and luxury all-inclusive hotels, and a plethora of activities to enjoy, Muskoka has a little something for all tastes. The area boasts 11 provincial parks and 1 national park. Recreational pursuits include golf, kayaking, canoeing, climbing, biking, swimming, fishing, and hiking. An endless supply of natural beauty is at the fingertips of every Muskoka vacationer. Experience waterfalls, serene lakes, lush forests, sandy beaches and much more. National Geographic has even named Muskoka as a top summer vacation spot.

Many lakes, including Lake Muskoka, Rosseau, Joseph and the Huntsville “Chain of Lakes” provide the setting for any relaxing summer trip. Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy a wide variety of wildlife, plants and insects in the region. Minks, otters, beavers, raccoons, deer, loons and many other birds can be glimpsed while wandering along the nature trails. Monarch butterflies, dragonflies, flowers and trees line the many trails and gardens. At night, without the light pollution found in larger cities, astronomy buffs will be impressed with the clear view of the starry sky above.

Flying over the many golf courses (the area boasts more than 30 courses to choose from) will surely excite even the most seasoned player. Challenging 18-hole championship courses carved out of the rock of the Canadian Shield offer a uniquely Canadian place for advanced golfers to tee off while novice golfers may find one of the picturesque 9-hole courses more befitting to a beginner skill level.

Arts and culture punctuate the Muskoka experience with unparalleled sounds, colour and beauty. Studio tours are available for art collectors and aficionados, concerts and theatre performances entertain in the many indoor and outdoor venues. Tour the Group of Seven Outdoor Art Gallery, take in a comedy show at the Gravenhurst Opera House, or enjoy a concert at the renowned Kee to Bala concert hall for an authentic Muskoka entertainment experience. Regardless of how you spend your vacation time, nature, beauty and creativity always convene in Muskoka to add a third dimension to the meaning of rest and relaxation – inspiration.

Why choose a private charter flight to Muskoka?

A private charter flight is available when you want to travel and the price you pay to fly is primarily influenced by aircraft rate (size, class and type), availability and landing location costs. Commercial airlines typically charge premiums for last minute bookings, Flightpath does not charge a premium for last minute flights and values your right to understand exactly what you are paying for when you book a flight with us. Last minute vacation plans or opting to fly instead of drive to Muskoka does not have to cost more than booking in advance.

Muskoka is an overwhelmingly popular destination for tourists and families during the summer months, unfortunately the most direct route by car is not efficient. A private charter flight will always save travel time, hassle and airport inconveniences typically experienced during commercial flights. An incredible vacation warrants a trouble-free travel plan. Saving time on route to your destination and avoiding any travel aggravation is truly the best way to kick off any trip – be it for pleasure or for business.

A private charter service that makes it a priority to deliver you to Muskoka safe, relaxed and ready to enjoy yourself a Flightpath travel manager is always waiting to assist you with your next trip to cottage paradise. Whether booking your first trip to the region, or looking for a better way to arrive at your cottage, please contact us to discuss your needs and schedule your hassle-free flight to Muskoka.

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