The rhythmic, whirring sound, the knots in your stomach at the feeling of liftoff, and the breath-taking views that can only be seen aboard a private helicopter tour are enchanting. Whether you’re taking your significant other on a helicopter tour or have organized this treat for your children, there are certain North American cities that must be viewed from 8,000 feet above ground.

Everything from unique city skylines to volcanos and mountains, we’ve highlighted the 6 locations you must flyover. Be sure and take your cameras along for the perfect unobstructed shot of these astounding views:


Grand Canyon


Experiencing one of the most recognizable, oldest landforms in the world from aboard a charter helicopter is the ideal way to see the Canyons. The Grand Canyon is featured on almost every helicopter tour list you’ll come across from Trip Advisor to Travel and Leisure.

Not only will you get to see the majestic, carved land that stretches out over 446 kilometers as the Colorado River winds through the deserts of Arizona, you’ll be able to catch an aerial view of the Vegas Strip. Be sure to notice the forested Northern Rim, the Dragon Corridor, Little Colorado Confluence and the Mojave Desert on your private helicopter tour of this must-see natural phenomena.


Best time for the private helicopter tour:

  • In spring or summer months.
  • 8am-9am is the ideal time to begin the tour as morning flights before noon are ideal


New York City


While you may have seen the New York City skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge or uptop the Empire State Building, you haven’t truly experienced the city’s grandeur until you’ve been aboard a private helicopter. One of the top helicopter tours in the world, a flight over the Big Apple means you can catch everything from the Statue of Liberty to the Yankees Stadium in the Bronx.

While bus tours of the city leave you stuck in traffic or walking through the maze that is New York, charter helicopters can get you close to the iconic Empire State Building and take you over Central Park, the city’s center of lush greenery in the center of hundreds of buildings. If you have time for a longer tour, be sure to check out Brooklyn, the George Washington and Verrazano-Narrow Bridges as well as New Jersey’s Palisades cliffs.

    Best time for the private helicopter tour:

  • In the summertime, an afternoon tour is great for the perfect lighting to take the best shots of the skyline. If you’d rather see the city lights, after sunset tours are ideal for you.


Big Island

Hawaii island, the youngest and largest island in the Hawaiian chain offers a remarkably diverse topography that consists of everything from the deep blue sea to the most active volcanoes in the world. Now just imagine what an exploration it would be to be able to appreciate that not only on land but from up above, on a chartered helicopter.

A helicopter ride gives you the privilege of appreciating the island’s beauty in its entirety when you fly over the Kilauea volcano, rainforests, beaches and waterfalls.

Best time for the private helicopter tour:

  • Tours can be organized all year round.
  • An early morning tour ensures that you get clear skies, as long as the weather permits.
  • If you’re looking for a truly beautiful experience, witnessing a Hawaiian sunset can be spectacular from a helicopter.


Columbia Mountains


  • The best, and warmest, way to see the Canadian Rockies is on board a helicopter. This group of mountain ranges is located in Southeastern British Columbia and covers a range of 135,952 kilometers. This unique private helicopter ride gives you the opportunity to view glaciers, epic summits and icefields that are sure to take your breath away.
  • If you’re flying over the range during the summertime, you’ll have the pleasure of catching a landscape exploding with wildflowers, while a winter tour will mean you’ll witness snow-capped peaks.


Best time for the private helicopter tour:

  • Both Fall and Spring tours are wonderful, depending on whether you want to see snowy mountains or a brighter, greener topography.
  • Early morning rides are ideal. 8am to 9am is a great take off time.
  • Helicopter tours are allowed to run from April to mid-October.




  • If there’s one way to see Alaska’s remote capital, it’s by air. While most have experienced a cruise in Alaska, taking a private helicopter over the Taku glaciers and icefields in the state’s southeast capital allows you to experience Alaska’s premier attractions.
  • With over 3 million natural lakes and more bald eagles than any other state combined, you’re sure to catch a glimpse of sights you won’t see anywhere else in North America. Not only can you witness the glory of the Juneau Icefield, but you can also stop at a Dog Sled Camp for a ride.


 Best time for the private helicopter tour:

  • Since Southeast Alaska is a Coastal Temperate Rainforest, predicting the weather from month to month is hard to do. However, Summer months are a great time to take this excursion.



  • Helicopter charters over Muskoka not only get you from Toronto to cottage country, but also allow you to experience a panoramic view that you don’t want want to miss. It’s truly difficult to digest both the beauty and enormity of cottage country until you’ve seen it from uptop.
  • Whether you’re hopping aboard a helicopter to get from Toronto to your cottage in Muskoka or flying over Central Ontario, it’s a short ride away from Toronto and the remarkable journey is well-worth the trip. Voted by National Geographic as the #1 Summer Destination, flying to Muskoka on a private helicopter will give you the opportunity to witness cottages, villas and many of the 1,600 bodies of water in the region. You can always end the exhilarating helicopter tour over cottage country by hopping over to Muskoka Brewery for a beer after an outdoor adventure.


Best time for the private helicopter tour:

  • While year round tours are available, depending on whether you’d like to experience Muskoka in the Summer or Fall is up to you.
  • Taking a tour in the evening, right before sundown in the Summertime offers a unique view of Canada’s cottage country.
  • If you’re interested in an exclusive, private tour aboard a chartered helicopter at these locations, Flightpath’s team can consult with you and arrange the ideal trip, according to your schedule. With knowledge of the best times to visit each location, we’ll ensure there is an aircraft or tour company ready to whisk you away whether it’s at one of these 6 spectacular locations or somewhere else across North America. Contact us to start planning your summer trip today.

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