Once you fly private, you never go back. We have an overwhelming amount of great travel choices today, business travel trends are shaped by the traveller’s desire for a unique, customized experience. When you’ve got clients that are familiar with the comfort of traveling on private chartered flights, it’s becoming increasingly important for private air charter services to innovate in order to please business travelers across the globe.


Continuing to meet the ever-evolving standards of business travelers is a challenge the industry continues to face. When business travellers were asked what three biggest travel concerns were, 78.7% cited delayed flights as the top concern.

Unexpected delays, long waits and cancelled flights are more so a problem of the commercial flight world, while weather is the sole factor that can affect private flights. In the private charter world, you don’t have to anticipate long unexpected delays and you have increased control over your business trip. You can mix business and leisure with the help of private charters. We’ve highlighted for you the top 3 business travel trends for the upcoming year and how air charter services adapt and grow in order to surpass traveller’s expectations.

Coupling business and leisure travel trips.

What Fortune magazine refers to as ‘bleisure travel’, refers to an increasing wave of workers and business owners alike bringing their dogs, significant other, kids or friends along on a business trip. More than half, 54% to be exact, take their family or a significant other on a business trip with them, according to a 2014 Bleisure Report.

By simply adding another day or two to their business trips, or by working remotely from a beach, business tycoons and employees alike are enjoying the benefits of working and traveling. The line is a bit more blurred and trips don’t just have to be all work anymore. The same report states that 60% of business travellers said they add personal days to their business trips, and 30% normally add two additional days to business trips.

As the corporate world realizes the importance of striking that perfect balance between work and play, and with remote work gaining popularity among millennials, it’s easy to work on your mobile device, tablet or laptop, wherever you go. Why sit at an office desk and send out work emails when you could be doing the same thing from a beach in Belize? Private charter plane services allow you to take bleisure trips according to your schedule and this flexibility allows you to even take even your pet, if you’d like.

Increasing mobility and choice with travel apps


Today’s business travelers are more social, both online and in person, and utilize mobile services while they travel or work away from the office. Air charter services provide you the ease of utilizing your mobile devices while on board while you experience the luxury of traveling aboard a private plane rental.

This desire personalized services that extend beyond just private plane rentals. Corporate and leisure travellers want a unique, comfortable experience from everything to their flight to where they stay. As the office onboard trend increases for corporate travellers, so does the comfort of choosing not just a first class hotel, but a stayaway apartment through travel apps such as Airbnb.

These home-sharing platforms and apps are a new trend not only among young travellers, but business travellers who seek luxury, comfort and customized amenities. According to a Goldman Sachs study, travelers who have used Airbnb or a home-sharing platform are considerably less likely to report that they prefer traditional hotels. In fact, 67% of respondents between 18-24 had used a peer-to-peer rental app, 75% of respondents between 25-34 had as well and 64% of 35-44 year olds had also utilized these platforms.

Increased safety with third party auditors.

Along with mobility, increased value is being placed on safety when it comes to charter flights across Canada. While all planes, both private and commerical, have to meet basic Transport Canada and Federal Aviation Administration requirements, many private charter services are taking airplane safety to the next step in 2016. They hire third-party safety auditors such as Aviation Research Group to rate the plane operators, aircraft, pilots and staff to ensure the highest of safety standards when aboard their private planes.

These operators are in the business of not only providing the most personalized but also secure travel experiences for business clients. This increased emphasis on private charter security and safety is a trend that give certain services an edge since less than 10% of planes have a platinum or gold rating from safety auditors.

At Flightpath, we provide our customers with personalized travel offers based on their travel requirements. Our travel experts work to get you your travel dates, according to your business team’s schedule and ensure that you get some fun in when you travel with us. We want to ensure that you get the best out of private charter corporate travel trends, which is why we ensure our team keeps up to keep to keep you satisfied. If you’re looking to take a business or bleisure trip, give our team a call today so we can get you organized and ensure that your business associates and family members fly safely and comfortably.

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