Protection & Confidentiality

Private Jet Protection and Confidentiality

A common concern when chartering or purchasing a private jet is confidentiality. Whether you are transporting high-profile VIP clientele or are simply a private person, Flightpath considers your privacy and confidentiality to be a paramount concern.

We Respect Your Privacy and Information

Whether it is your travel itinerary or the purchase price of your new corporate aircraft, Flightpath ensures your private information remains private. We secure all client files and your information will only be accessible to a private flight specialist.

We use secure servers to ensure your payment information is private and protected. Regardless of whether you are chartering a flight or making an aircraft purchase, we ensure your data is encrypted and secure from any digital threats.

We Respect Your Reputation

When making purchases or closing deals, it can be critical to the success of the transaction to ensure all information is kept confidential and other parties are unaware of your intentions. Whether you are chartering a jet or using your corporate aircraft, you are able to avoid crowded airports and prying eyes, allowing you to conduct your business in a confidential and private environment.

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